November 12, 2018

Using Different Types Of Turf For Lawns

Just like the popular gardening phrase ‘right plant, right place, people should follow the same for lawn grass. When it comes to growing lawn grass, one should take special care as much as he grows herbaceous perennials or other bedding plants. Before proceeding to grow lawn turf, you should decide whether you prefer traditional lawn turf, fine turf or just instant lawn turf for producing an amazing lawn at your yard. Hence, you should have a look at different types of lawn turf, which can be grown at your place.

Traditional Lawn Turf

Traditional lawn turf is actually a mixture of lawn grasses, which are available in various garden centres and with turf specialists. The traditional lawn turfs appear as a deep greensward with an even texture. From a close look, you can find these lawn turfs with some finely textured leaves. One of the significant advantages of growing the traditional lawn turf is that it is hardwearing. The dwarf ryegrasses of this turf can easily recover the damage caused by shoes, boots, paws or footballs.

This type of lawn turf is flexible in its maintenance requirements. For a classic English lawn, you need to follow a regular mowing routine. During the growing season, you can conduct mowing once or twice a week.

Usually, traditional lawn turfs are used for general landscaping, front lawns, lack lawns, play areas, and golf tees and fairways.

Fine Turf

When someone says fine turf, the very first image that comes to the mind is the beautifully neat velvety turf often seen on bowling greens. These turfs are made of needle-thin leaves consisting of a delicate green colour. This type of lawn is mown close to the ground.

However, fine turf doesn’t have a high tolerance and is prone to disease. Among all types of lawn turfs, fine turf needs the most intensive care and maintenance. By growing this lawn turf, you should be prepared to mow it four times a week and feed every six weeks. Usually, the fine turf is often seen in bowling greens, ornamental lawns, golf greens, and prestige lawns.

Shade Tolerant Turf

Compared to the traditional turf, the shade tolerant turf is slightly paler as it has broader leaves. The sward is prepared with just one species of grass so that each blade looks very similar to its neighbours. The shade tolerant turf is not as tuff as the traditional turfs. People tend to choose this turf only when the shade is a real problem.

Instant Lawn Turf

When you want a home lawn, athletic field or golf course in a large area within no time, you can go for instant lawn turf. Nowadays, these lawn turfs come with wide-ranging advantages including superior quality, efficient installation and faster usability.

By choosing a proficient lawn turf specialist such as The Lawn Turf Farm, you can have a beautiful large lawn instantly. The lawn specialist uses installation equipment to lift and place the sod so that you can enjoy a smoother surface almost immediately after installation. To make the athletic field or golf course green, this lawn turf is very useful.

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