November 12, 2018

Handy Tips On Top-Dressing To Improve The Quality Of Soil In Your Lawn

It is familiar to all that a beautiful, thick lawn needs healthy soil as its base. However, most people find it difficult to make any change to the soil once they have established the lawn. According to most gardening experts,including organic products into the soil helps to increase its fertility,but that should be done through tilling or digging before planting. However, once the grass has grown, it becomes difficult to add any organic matters. Here comes the importance of ‘top-dressing’ or adding a layer of soil over an established lawn. In the process of top-dressing, you can include turf, sharp sand, and other products on your existing lawn. For this purpose, you can contact some lawn turf and lawn sand suppliers who can help you grow a healthy lawn so that you can eliminate the common lawn problems.

Before including top-dressing, let’s have a look at how it can address some serious problems with your soil:

  • With top-dressing, you can overcome the challenges of low spots occurred due to rotting tree roots, settling ground after cable installation or underground pipe, or erosion.
  • Top-dressing is helpful to address the issue of depletion of nutrients due to repeated use of chemical fertilisers, leaching, or neglect.
  • After winter freezing and thawing, people who face such as uneven terrain or tunnelling critters can opt for top-dressing of their lawn.
  • Different processes of top-dressing are helpful to improve drainage and drought-resistance and reduce the requirement for supplemental fertilisers
  • Above all, this procedure can transform your lawn into the low-maintenance, organic and healthy turf.

Although the process of top-dressing requires some physical labour, you need to follow a few simple steps for the entire process:


Start the top-dressing process with excellent core aeration of the lawn. The aeration helps to remove plugs of soil and leave enough channels for water, air and top-dressing mixture to enter the surface.</p >

Prepare the Top-Dressing Bed

To prepare the top-dressing mixture, you need sharp lawn sand, loam or topsoil, and peat. While contacting some lawn sand suppliers, you should mention sharp sand, not sea sand that contains lime. As a substitute if peat, you can choose compost especially when your soil needs a nutritional punch. Now, you can prepare the mixture by following the right ratio for all three ingredients.

Alternatively, you can buy high-quality top-dressing or lawn soil from a reputable lawn turf farm or landscaping company such as The lawn Turf Farm that offers a blended topsoil mixture on hand.

Apply Top-Dressing

Once you get the mixture, it’s time to spread it over the soil using something flat like a garden rake. Here, you need to ensure that the top-dressing should not be more than 1-inch deep over the existing grass. It is advisable to continue working the mixture until the grass peeks through and make the depth even. For low spots that need more than a couple of inches of top-dressing, you need to remove the existing sod so that the underground decay can be prevented.

Water and Adjust

Once you finish applying top-dressing on your existing lawn, the mixture does need some settling. Hence, you need to water the area well and allow the mixture to settle for a day to two. Then smooth out little hollows or bumps with a rake.

Once you follow these steps for top-dressing, your lawn is ready to replant grass in its bare spots. Moreover, the existing grass can also grow to maintain a specific gap as much as an inch of top-dressing.

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