FAQ – Lawn Turf

Can I drop around to your premises any time and pick up some Lawn turf?

  • All Lawn turf must be ordered in advance.
  • Usually if you order the day before it is fine.
  • You can collect the turf from our premier but you must agree a pick up time because we are not there all the time.
  • You will find details on how to find us in the contact section of this site.

Is Lawnturf less work?

Yes, its so quick. You can go from soil to a beautiful Lawn in the same day. A turf lawn does not need lots of care and attention, as it is already matured and weed free. Once installed, all you need to do is water it at first and start cutting after two weeks. The dense sworth of Lawn turf gives you an instant Lawn which will Resistant weed growth.

When is the best time of the year to lay Lawn turf?

It can be installed any time of year, it does not need to be done during a particular season. You can install it in the middle of winter if you wish.

Where can i use Lawnturf?

Lawnturf can be used almost anywhere. Some examples include;

Private Homes
Golf Clubs
Recreational Areas
Hospital Grounds
Children’s Play Areas
Areas for pets – pens etc.
Football Pitches
Tennis Courts

How Fare in advance do I need to order?

The day before is usually enough.

How long will it keep in the rolls?

  • When you receive your Lawn turf you should install it with in 24 hours.
  • If the weather is hot store it in the shade.
  • The quicker you install it the better.

How do I prepare for my Lawn turf?

  • Please check out our How to section.

Can Lawnturf withstand heavy usage?

Yes. We advise that you let your new lawnturf sit for a few weeks before heavy usage. Once it has established itself, you are ready to enjoy your lawn for family events and games and so on. The swart has hard wearing qualities and if it gets damaged normally it will repair itself.

Is Lawnturf Environmentally Friendly?

Lawn turf is durable and can withstand erosion of soil. This means it acts as a protective cover for the valuable resources beneath.

It is estimated that lawnturf traps approx. 12 million tons of dust and dirt that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

It is excellent for carbon retention and storage. Nearly a tonne of carbon per acre is stored in soil covered with lawnturf.

It produces oxygen. 55 square feet of lawnturf can provide enough oxygen for one person for a day.

Lawn turf has a cooling effect during hot days.

Lawnturf absorbs the heat during the day and then slowly releases it at night.

Promotes wildlife. Areas with turfgrass are very attractive for birds, etc. and therefore act as a habitat for them.

Are there health benefits?

Studies have shown that people generally have a better sense of wellbeing in areas with natural elements, such as grass, trees, water and so on. Hospital patients who had outdoor views recovered quicker than those who didn’t. Lawnturf can be put into an area of any size and requires very little maintenance.

Lawn turf looks good, it looks neat and tidy. It makes your community look overall better as a result.

Are there Economic Benefits?

Lawnturf increases the value of your home or business.

Lawnturf can help protect your home in case of an outdoor fire.