FAQ – Top Soil

What Is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil, typically the top 2 inches. It is coveted due to the fact that it is easy to handle and full of nutrients. This is the soil where plants tend to have most of their roots. Our topsoil is screened so there are no large stones in the soil. There is also the option to buy low grade topsoil should you have a larger area to fill before covering with topsoil.

What can topsoil be used for?

Flower Beds, planting areas. This can be mixed with existing soils to provide a nutrient rich bed for the flowers and plants to grow.

Topsoil can be used to repair lawns, for example if you have any dips in the lawn these can be made level with the rest of the area.

Topsoil can help with drainage in water logged areas.

Topsoil is used to cover the area before you lay your lawnturf. It will give it the best possible start and provide all the nutrients your lawn needs.

What’s in our top soil?

This is a blend of screened top soil with a good dose of nutrient rich, highly fertile organic compost. Depending on the particular batch we sometimes add in some additional sand too.

Where to use top soil?

This topsoil can be used for most gardening projects. We make sure there is just enough compost in there to promote root growth, but not too much so as to overwhelm more delicate gardening projects such as laying sod. This is a great choice if you have a number of jobs and do not want to purchase loads of different products.

How much top soil to order?

As a rule of thumb, 1000kg of topsoil will cover about 15m2 at a depth of 5cm.

What is Sub Soil?

It is screened soil is free of stones. It consists of the layer of soil found beneath the top soil. The industry term for sub soil is low grade fill.

Where to use sub soil?

This is a great economical solution to fill up areas which are too low to bring them up to the correct level before the topsoil goes on

How much sub soil to order?

As a rule of thumb, 1000kg of topsoil will cover about 15m2 at a depth of 5cmPrice collected