November 12, 2018

Which Is Better: Grass Seed or Lawn Turf?

The pride of owning your new home remains incomplete until you add a new lawn that can make a commitment to your investment. No matter whether you have a less-attractive lawn or you need to start with bare soil after new construction, you can grow a beautiful lawn anytime. However, when it comes to growing the front curb, you need to make a decision between grass seeds and lawn turfs based on a variety of factors. Here, one should remember that it is possible to have a better quality lawn both with grass seed and roll out grass as both of these options come with specific pros and cons.

Have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of grass seed and lawn turf so that you can weigh them and make a well-informed decision.

Advantages of Grass Seed

When you decide to establish a new lawn from grass seed, you can enjoy all the personal as well as environmental benefits that can be expected from natural lawns. Both approaches are helpful to own beautiful, healthy and sustainable lawns, but their methods are significantly different from the start. Significant benefits of grass seed are:

Initial lower cost: It has been seen that the cost of superior grass seed is much lesser than the cost of lawn turf considering the cost of growing the same size lawn.

Variety of grass choices: Since seed offers great flexibility in choosing a different variety of grasses, you can select the grass to complement your environmental and ecological requirements and other conditions. You can even choose the grass that can suit the light and soil of your place to perform better. Moreover, you have the freedom to go for grass seed that less maintenance.

Established in place: By choosing seed, you can grow grasses in the same place where they can germinate and root. These grasses can develop deep and healthy root systems without any interruption.

Disadvantages of Grass Seed

Grass seed comes with some disadvantages, such as

  • It almost takes a couple of months to establish the lawn.
  • There is a high chance of washing seed off slopes during heavy rain.
  • Seeds are prone to be affected by birds.
  • Seed lawns need intense aftercare for the first month.

Advantages of Lawn Turf

A harvested sod or lawn turf consists of mature grass and a layer of soil, held together by severed grassroots. It is often sold as roll out grass ready to be unfurled. It has certain advantages that include:

  • Instant result: If you are looking for immediate gratification, you should go for newly installed lawn turf as it can instantly offer the look of a finished lawn.
  • Instant establishment: New sod only takes two or three weeks to grow well and establish, if handled and installed correctly.
  • Less investment in labour: Growing a turf lawn is an easy and straightforward process where you can get an already established lawn.
  • Flexibility in timing: During the growing season, lawn turfs can be installed anytime. If you choose a reputed lawn turf specialist such as The Lawn Turf Farm, their professionals can help you grow sod roots fastest for any the type of grass involved.

Disadvantages of Lawn Turf

  • Lawn turfs are required to be installed as soon as possible after delivery.
  • Sometimes, the cost of growing lawn is expensive for larger areas unless you find an affordable lawn specialist such as The Lawn Turf Farm.

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