December 6, 2018

4 High-Quality Lawn Turf Products You Can Get from the Lawn Turf Farm

At Lawn Turf Farm we take immense pride in the quality of lawn turf products we supply our customers. Established in the fertile foothills of the Dublin Mountains, Lawn Turf Farm is the go-to lawn turf rolls and supplies vendor for the good people of Kilternan Village and its surrounding parts.

The sandy soils that are native to the foothill of the Dublin Mountains is rich in nutrients that make it possible for us to grow some of the finest quality of lawn turf grass in South Dublin and North Wicklow. So much so that our catalogue is inclusive of quality top soil and lawn sand, besides lawn grass turf rolls.

Customers can expect to avail the finest products from The Lawn Turf Farm:

Lawn Turf

At Lawn Turf Farm we stock two types of lawn turf grass:

  • Budget Grade Lawn Turf: Economically priced lawn-turf produced from certified seed. Best recommended for large-sized lawn areas that need bulk grass.
  • Premium Grade Lawn Turf: Rich, luscious green tuft grass that boasts of a thick sward and requires low maintenance.

Top Soil

You can avail both:

  • Top Soil: The famed nutrient-rich, fertile organic soil that forms the base for vegetation at the foothills of Dublin Mountains.
  • Sub Soil: Our high-quality sub soil is the perfect economical ground-fill you can use to heighten the level of your lawn. The sub soil is rich in ingredients and is the affordable solution for customers who want their lawn to bear a uniform look.

Lawn Sand

Our premium quality lawn sand is a favourite among customers in Kilternan Village and beyond. It is known to discourage the growth of malcontent like moss and weeds, and provide an enriched foundation for your turf grass.

You can bank on Lawn Turf Farm’s to help you evenly distribute fertilisers and the likes that help you improve the quality of the grass. Customers who have availed our Lawn Sand have been satisfied with the quality and uniformity of their grass and its growth.


Our premium quality sod helps bind your grass to its roots and the soil as well. Lawn Turf Farm’s sod is responsible for providing numerous customers a desirable expanse of lush, green tuft grass that is easy on maintenance and lasts longer than usual. This is because our sod binds the roots of the tuft grass firmer and provides it with nutrients essential to healthy, tall swards.

At Lawn Turf Farm, all our products are produced under the oversight of industry veteran Mr. James Maguire. Growing high-quality lawn turf grass has been a family venture for us, for years now.

You can count on our grass turf rolls and lawn products to produce guaranteed results that are fresh, dense and green- just like the Dublin Mountain foothills!

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