December 6, 2018

4 Reasons Why Lawn Turf Grass is The Most Reliable Grass Products Supplier

Lawn Turf Farm sits quietly in the dense, green footholds of the Dublin Mountains. A family run business by definition, for years we have catered to the lawn fertilisation and improvement necessities of our valued customers in Kilternan Village and the rest of South Dublin and North Wicklow. Customers can expect the finest qualities of lawn turf rolls and associated products from us.

The Lawn Turf Farm product quality has not simply grown to be a favourite thanks to its abundant availability. Our products reflect the best of qualities expect from lawn turf grass grown in the Kiltern region. A healthy mix of nutrient-rich soil and the following qualities has allowed us to become a household name in these parts:

Authentic Quality

When customers wish to implement a lush patch of lawn grass on their property, they think of The Lawn Turf Farm brand name. We produce a lovely batch of roll out grass from the choicest blends of high-quality grass seeds that are native to the soils in and around the Dublin Mountains. These seeds are given the richest of soils seeped in a wide array of nutrients. This is what helps us grow the signature luscious Lawn Turf Farm grass turf rolls.

Soil Quality Benchmarks

As mentioned above we follow a strong fertilisation routine at Lawn Turf Farms to uphold our quality benchmarks. Customers can not only avail grass turf rolls from us; we also have premium-grade top soil for customers who wish to offer their lawns nothing but the best of resources. This topsoil comprises of the fine blend of sands which are local to the Dublin Mountains and its foothills, and top quality compost as well. So you can rely on our products to give your lawn turf a rich soil to blossom.

Professional Care

Customers who love their lawn grass as much as we do will relate to the enriching experience of growing a thick, green field of tuft grass by your own effort. The love for producing a healthy, green lawn turf is not limited to our in-house expert Mr.James Maguire; rather it runs in the whole family. For us The Lawn Turf Farm is not just a business. It is a deep-seated love for efficiently producing the finest quality lawn turf in South Dublin and North Wicklow.

This is why, we have been able to consistently supply our esteemed customers with nothing but some of the best roll out lawn turfs in North Wicklow. Our passion is not just limited to lawn turf grass rolls; we produce some of the richest top soil in the region for customers who want to provide healthy growing conditions to their turf grass.

Reasonable Product Packages

The Lawn Turf Farm catalogue is the gift of a third generation family tradition. Our passion for growing some of the roll out grass and top soil has helped us grow multiple grades of products. Customers can avail both a premium package tuft grass or soil, or its economic counterpart. There is something in our catalogue to fit your budget always.

Thus, the Lawn Turf Farm is not a popular name among avid lawn turf lovers in Wicklow and its neighbouring parts for anything less than what our customers deserve.

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