December 6, 2018

Apply Lawn Turf Farm’s Lawn Sand to Make Your Grass Turf Healthy

At the Lawn Turf Farm, we live to serve our valued customers the best quality grass turf rolls and associated products such as nutrient-rich topsoil and lawn sand. Our family business as lawn turf suppliers is to churn out the same quality lawn sand that is similar in texture and nutrient content to the sandy soil that is abundant in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains.

Why Do You Need High-Quality Lawn Sand?

If a lawn boasting of thick swards of grass is what you want then quality lawn sand is what you need. Lawn sand usually comprises of nutrients such as iron sulphate and ammonium sulphate along with fine sand, and a lot of other nutrients. These nutrients help provide your grass turf with the nourishment required to produce a thick tuft of greenery in summer. They also have several other benefits such as:

Reduces Moss and Weed Accumulation

Moss accumulation and unwanted weed growth are not just aesthetically off-putting; they also compromise the grass. Lawn sand that is abundant in iron sulphate content can help prevent the growth of such deterrents.

Customers who have used the Lawn Turf Farm lawn sand have always been satisfied with the positive effect it has had on minimising the growth of weeds and moss. This helps your lawn grass grow to its fullest extent without any hindrance.

Produces A Lush, Green Lawn

As mentioned above, the purpose of applying lawn sand is to provide nourishment to your grass. The fertilising properties of the ammonium above sulphate content found in the best quality lawn sand help your grass grow greener every passing day.

The Lawn Turf Farm lawn sand is not only responsible for giving you the greenest of lawns in summertime; it also helps your grass grow to its fullest extent. Therefore, if you want your patchy-looking lawn grass to develop into a uniformly filled turf then generously distributing our lawn sand all around the plot can be a big help.

Long-Term Lawn Appeal

It is not uncommon for a customer to witness their lawns wither before the summer has ended. Not only is this heart-breaking but also undermines all the early effort put in nurturing the lawn-grass. Good quality lawn sand can keep your lawn-grass healthy and green throughout the summer when you use it in a measured quantity.

The Lawn Turf Farm lawn sand can be used in sparing quantities. It must be made sure that it is applied at a time when there is no prospect of a heavy rain shower. Just a moderate amount of watering helps the nutrients saturate in the ground providing ideal conditions for your grass.

Locals in South Dublin and North Wicklow and beyond are always on the lookout for lawn sand suppliers who can supply the same at a reasonable price. The Lawn Turf Farm is always there to make sure that requirement is met!

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