September 12, 2019

4 Steps to Help You Identify and Eliminate Moss on Your Lawn

Without question, the thinking man’s lawn owner wants to invest in Lawn Turf Farm’s roll out, artificial grass and lawn grass seed. We have built a strong business thanks to a foundation built on making Wicklow homes greener with our grass and lawn maintenance services.

However, in spite of supplying our customers in Wicklow and beyond with the richest topsoil, premium quality roll out grass seeds, we often hear customer complaints. No, it does not have to do with our product; but, rather, how moss has ruined the quality of our beautiful products!

Tackling Moss for Your Beautiful Home Lawn

A home lawn is the product of labour and sweat. But, it only takes for a small colony of moss to propagate in no time and ruin the overall elegance of said lawn. As if maintaining a quality lawn is not difficult enough with the headache of ousting weeds and deterring pests, moss creeps in to ruin the pristine look of your lawn. Hence, clearing out moss from your lawn is an essential part of your lawn maintenance; especially, if you invest in Lawn Turf Farm’s premium quality seeds.

Here are the steps you need to follow for ridding your lawn of moss:

  1. Find out if Your Lawn has Moss

Identifying moss in a sea of greenery is more difficult than you may think. If you are not a stranger to forest areas where moss is allowed to grow naturally, then you should not face any challenge. Moss has a velvety appearance and texture if you touch. It feels the spaces where the grass roots are sparsely planted with air pockets.

  2. Get to The Source of Your Moss Problem

The appearance of moss is an indicator of poor health for your lawn. Moss can spring up in patches when the moisture does not properly drain from the soil. Ensuring that the water runs off from the soil can help provide a ground suitable for the growth of moss. For proper absorption of moisture, a lawn must be fed sunlight. Also, the pH value of the soil must be too low if it is good for the birth of moss.

  3. Killing The Moss

Killing the moss on your lawn is not a one-time job. You will need to visit this task time and again to ensure that your grass is able to grow without any parasitic drain by moss. Make sure that all sections of your lawn are receiving at least 3 hours’ worth of sunlight daily. Hence, it is also worth noting that if there are obstructions that prevent sunlight from reaching parts of your lawn, then you should clear them. Make sure you do not water the lawn more than necessary.

  4. Call The Professionals

At Lawn Turf Farms, we can provide you with every product and service you need for growing a beautiful lawn. However, we will also recommend you to seek professional assistance, should your lawn fall prey to elements such as moss that ruin the grass quality.

For the best quality soil, seeds and roll outs, always reach out to us, at Lawn Turf Farms.

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