September 11, 2019

3 Reasons Why Your Lawn Deserves Professional Maintenance Services

At the Lawn Turf Farms, we make it our business to make your home the center-piece of greenery. Our quality seeds and soil have been responsible for face-lifting numerous lawns in homes in Wicklow and beyond. We also sell lawn sand and turfgrass sod for your lawn. However, as lawn sand suppliers we get many requests from our customers about extending the life span of our products. Fact is that there is little to be done from our end once our products are in your lawn. If you want your lawn to remain beautiful for seasons to come then you need to hire professional lawn maintenance services.

How to Maintain Your Lawn and Keep it Healthy?

If you wish to see your lawn survive through thick and thin then you need to roll up your sleeves and get serious about lawn maintenance. Professional lawn services do not only cater to lawn beautification, but protecting it from damage and disease. Here are some critical reasons why you need to consider professional lawn care services:

  1. Lawn Protection from Pests and Weeds

Professional lawn maintenance services can ensure that your lawn is protected from pest invasions and weed infiltrations. Most lawn care services get to the root of the problem and ensure that there is nothing in the ground that can impede the greenery and growth of the grass above. Weed growths occur frequently when your soil is too rich. Pests also make nests in your lawn when they find the soil to be habitable enough for shelter and sustenance.

Hiring a professional service can ensure that these element are kept at bay. They can even teach you what you need to do, so the next time onwards you can protect your lawn by yourself.

  2. Beneficial for The Lawn Environment

For those who are first time lawn owners or casual lawn owners, lawn maintenance can be a challenge. DIY tutorials can only help you pick the right seed, topsoil or fertiliser. However, its application, the frequency of the same is a different matter. Plus, not every type of fertiliser is necessary for your grass; rather, it may inspire weed growth or make the soil acidic if used without care.

So, if you want your lawn to remain visually appealing then you must ensure that your lawn gets professional care. Lawn services know exactly how much to water your lawn, how much to expose it to direct sunlight and what kind of soil-fertiliser combination works best for you.

  3. Helps Improve Lawn Appeal

One of the biggest incentives for homeowners to grow lawns is the curb appeal for their home. Grooming your lawn is never easy, especially if you are new to the art. Rather than going DIY after spending so much on lawn seeds, soil, sand and fertiliser, do the right thing and call a professional who can put your lawn on the path to blossoming in a healthy way.

So, if you are a subscriber to our products at the Lawn Turf Farms, then we request you to always go the extra mile and hire professional lawn maintenance services. We provide landscape gardening services for lawns at our enterprise.

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