September 12, 2019

Here is Why Lawn Owners Need to Consider Reseeding their Grass

At the Lawn Turf Farms, we place ourselves at the disposal of customers for every minor to major lawn nurturing requirement. Owning a lawn can never be a casual hobby. We are always there to help you with the best quality seeds, sand and topsoil for sale. But, as the customer you must educate yourself about the benefits of reseeding.

It costs money, requires time, effort, knowledge and skill to help a lawn grow; and, even then lawn owners have to deal with the heartbreak of bald patches or misshapen blades in their lawn. In these regards, rather than attempting to stitch your old lawn together with haphazard seed plantation, it is more prudent to reseed the entire lawn.

What is Reseeding?

Reseeding your lawn is the process of freshly impregnating your lawn with new seeds that give birth to a fresh, new lawn in no time. It is the only logical means of covering up patches in your lawn where grass have died, or bent permanently.

However, reseeding is not a simple process. It comprises of few major steps:

  1. Planning

To prepare the lawn for a reseeding session, you need to clear the loose rubble on your lawn. Dust and broom the debris away from the grass beds. Manually, if required, pull the dead grass and weeds from the area. If you are going to reseed the whole lawn, then regardless of how tiring it may be, you have to plan out this task all over the lawn.

  2. Preparation

After preparing your lawn by removing all the rubble from the top layer, you need to work on the soil layers. The objective here is to loosen up the soil. First, you have to use a rake and drag the soil loose. The process might be difficult if your soil is prone to water retention. The reason behind loosening up the soil is to make the soil ‘breathe’ and make room for nutrients for the new seeds.

  3. Reseeding

The actual reseeding task is not the easiest step of the process! You must select a seed type which is compatible with your soil. The yield of the seed variety is also a matter of concern. The best quality seeds in and around Wicklow, can be availed from our enterprise, Lawn Turf Farms. So, do not hesitate to visit us if you want a personalised, professional recommendation.

The Benefits of Lawn Reseeding

At our enterprise of Lawn Turf Farms, we always tell our customers that there are numerous benefits to lawn reseeding. Some of the most obvious benefits of reseeding your lawn are:

  • Getting back a healthy lawn that is greener and free from the growth of malcontent like weeds and moss.
  • Covers up the bald spots and patches in your lawn and the spots where the grasses have grown irregularly.
  • Helps restore the value resale value of your home and re-establish its curb appeal.

So, if you are sick of staring at the non-green patches in your lawn then, look no further, we are here to assist you at the Lawn Turf Farms with the best quality seeds for reseeding.

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