January 7, 2019

Few Ways To Improve The Condition Of Garden Soil

A garden looks beautiful when it is decorated with nice flower plants. Moreover adding a few sweet-smelling shrubs, creepers is going to increase the charm of any garden area. But then soil can lose its fertility if not taken proper care. Besides timely pruning and cutting, you need to take care of the trees.

It is why adding certain products to the soil will improve its condition. Besides adding some products, there are also a variety of ways to enhance the quality of the earth.


It is microbiological decomposition which is derived from animals and plants. Humus is an organic matter that ranges from black to brown colour. Generally, humus contains 6 per cent nitrogen, 60 per cent carbon, and some amounts of sulphur and phosphorus. The function of this particular product is to add fertility to the soil.

Tilling The Land

Penetration of air through soil is essential for the proper growth of trees and plants. Tilting the garden land can loosen the ground and make enough space to aerate the soil. If you have a small garden, you can use a few standard pieces of equipment like a digging fork. Moreover, if you have a big space, then you should take the help of a profession.


Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil. This part consists of microorganisms and organic matter. Topsoil contains carbon, nitrogen, microbes and worms. This particular soil is known for providing the necessary nutrients that are required in any garden. However, there are varieties of companies those who are manufacturing topsoil. One of them is The lawn Turf Farm which is also known for supplying Soil improvement products in Dublin.


Manure is also an organic matter that is made up from the faeces of animals.it is a natural fertiliser and is added to increase the quality of the soil to increase the productivity. Instead of using chemical fertilisers, using manure is much more profitable as this is made in a natural process. However, there are three types of manure-green manure, human manure and animal manure.

Using Permanent Beds And Paths

To get soil improvement products in Dublin consulting a profession is always a good idea. But then you should also maintain some strategy to preserve the quality of the soil. One of them is to make permanent paths to walk in and around a garden. Again planting the trees close to one another can prevent soil erosion as well as retaining the fertility of the soil.

To Add Nitrogen

By planting peas and soybeans, you can add nitrogen to your garden soil. Planting legumes as such improve the quality of the land. As it is a natural process, there is no side effects.

Thus these are some of the ways you can improve the quality of your garden soil. Using these methods, you can increase the productivity of your garden soil. If you still need more information, you should always ask for professional help.

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