January 7, 2019

How To Prepare The Soil Before Installing A Lawn?

Creating a new lawn can be a hazardous task. If you have a virgin land mass that is not tilted, then you may need more time to install a new turf. To avoid any complexities putting an instant lawn would be a good idea. However, there are a few critical issues to be taken care before you install a new turf. These are

Removing The Old Turf:

If you have an old sod, first you need to remove it. Removing the old grasses will enable the soil to come in contact with the open air which is very important.

Moreover ploughing the soil will also enable the earth to penetrate air through the soil particles. Good tilted land is ideal for growing trees, shrubs and creepers. While removing a lawn make sure to dig the soil 2-3 inches deep. It will give enough space to install a new garden and if you want to add topsoil before putting the lawn, you can even do that also. Removal of a lawn does not require many instruments. An ordinary sod cutter, bobcat, excavator can do the work properly. However, if you do not feel confident enough, you can always contact a professional company those who provide such kind of service. The lawn turf Farm is a famous company which has got a well-skilled team of people those who have good knowledge of this particular field.

Removing The Weeds

Whenever you make your mind to install a lawn, make sure to remove all the weeds from the garden area. Presence of moss and other forms of unwanted plants can hamper the growth of trees as well as harm the grass. And if you feel that the weeds are coming back again and again even after eradicating them from the garden area, then find out for a weed bank that could be situated nearby. However, you should never put chemicals on those as these can harm the soil. If the removal of the weeds is impossible, you can consider keeping some of them such as lover, moss or daisies as those can add a little bit of aesthetic sense to your garden.

Installing A Lawn

If you want to make a yard in no time, then installing Instant lawn turf is a great idea. However, you need to make sure to start from the farthest corner of the garden area. You should always make it a point to install the lawn maintaining a particular level. For this, it is necessary to put the top soil properly. Make sure that all the different parts of the turf are joined accurately.

Putting The Turf In Proper Size And Shape

Installing Instant lawn turf is the easiest and convenient way to make your garden area beautiful and green. However, while putting the grass, you need to make sure that those turfs are trimmed and placed side by side in a parallel position. While doing that, you should make sure that no big gap is left in between two sods.

These are some of the essential things that you should always consider before installing a lawn.

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