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Lawn Turf Farm has been the ideal destination for horticulture sand supplies in Leinster. We deliver the best quality material in good volumes with many different delivery options depending on your requirements.


Lawn sand can be applied both beneath the lawnturf in the preparation process prior to rolling out the turf and above already existing turf. Applying a thin layer of sand above the topsoil before the laying of turf can improve the aeration and drainage of the soil. This is advised if your existing garden didn’t drain well and tended to pond when there was heavy rain. Lawn sand is also a better product for making it easy to level the ground in the preparation process allowing you to achieve a more precise level. Lawn sand can also be used above an already existing lawn, to level, increase drainage, and to kill moss. Lawn sand is the perfect tool to kill moss in existing lawns as it blackens the most killing it while still allowing the land to grow, it is also able to kill broadleaf weeds.


Our Lawn sand is a specific horticulture sand that has more rounded granules than traditional sand this is to make sure when particles compact together that they allow for air and water to pass between them. Traditional sand would compact in a that has less space for air and water which would nullify one of the main benefits. Traditional sand may also have salts in it that could be detrimental to the successful growth of your lawn.



The amount of lawn sand needed for beneath lawnturf is around an inch beneath the soil on the area you need it. If you are using the lawn sand on an already existing lawn than the amount is about ½ an inch over the area you plan to apply it to.

If you have a certain specification for sand/soil/compost mix we can provide this in whatever percentages you require. However, the mixing will incur an additional charge.

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1/2 Bulk Bag, 1 Tonne bag, 3 Tonne Loose(Small truck load tipped up in your drive)


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