December 2, 2019

How Do You Look After Your New Lawn?

Taking good care of your new lawn in the first few weeks is important. being a homeowner, a newly laid turf lawn is a significant investment for you.

It is very much necessary that you make sure that the lawn is at its best state. Following some simple steps would help you make sure that the lawn is perfectly taken care of.

How to Take Care of The Lawn?


Watering your lawn turf in Dublin is necessary because without enough water they would find it difficult to survive and eventually will die.

If you do not water your lawn regularly, you will notice shrinkage appeared between turves. The leaves would turn into flat and floppy, losing colour to turn brown or yellow.

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Wear and Tear

The grass in the lawns are typically durable as the leaves are able to outgrow the damage fast. When a new turf is laid, it uses the energy to grow strong roots to become strong and established.

  • Make sure that you use laying boards while watering the lawn
  • For the first 2-3 weeks after the turf is laid, try not to walk on it
  • You need to make sure that the plants do not get blocked for the first few months so that they get the exposure to get well-grown and established.

Mowing the Lawn

When you are sure that the roots are grown properly, it is the time when you see the grass growing. This is when you need t start mowing. Mowing is necessary because it makes sure that the plants are growing new leaves. Thus you will get a clean, velvety lawn just like your dream.

Before you Begin with Mowing, you Need to take Care of a Couple of things

Has The Grass on Your Lawn got Strongly Rooted?

Before starting mowing, you need to run a test of the lawn’s establishment. Just grab some grass and try to pull it upwards.

If you notice that the grass blades come away to the hands, it is a good sign. In case you feel that the turf is lifting even a bit, wait for some days and then test it again.

Guidelines for Mowing The Turf

Mowing the new lawn requires you to be patient. You should not try cutting it short in the first place as the plants can get stressed. First, with the help the mower, make sure that you cut the grass tip very carefully.

Cutting the grass is beneficial when it is dry. Also, ensure that the blades of the mower are very sharp. There should no clippings in the young lawn.


Feeding your turf is vital. The pre-turfing feed would help the root to get nutrients for establishing and growing.

A lawn requires enough sunlight to help grow its leaves. They need to get the right ventilation for keeping the diseases at bay.

The lawn turf is a professional lawn care and maintenance expert that can help you take care of your grass lawn turf.

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