August 7, 2019

Landscaping In Wicklow – What Should You Know

As the spring starts to rear its head, we can see even more signs of life. Though summertime or spring can indicate different things to different people, but for homeowners it only indicates landscaping. People wait for these months to make their lawn a head-turner Landscaping in Wicklow is more like a love it or hate it proposition for almost all lawn owners. You might also think that mowing the lawn is a very big thing, but is actually isn’t such a big problem. If you own a lawn you must keep it clean and mow it from time to time. No matter what size the lawn is you must always mow it properly to keep it healthy.

Lawn Turf as a leading lawn maintenance service provider not just ensures proper maintenance but also make your lawn a true head-turner.

Essential Information About Landscaping

Lawn mowing or landscaping is important for maintaining the on-going health of the plants. You should mow the lawn when the grass looks dry. It is because the diseases spread faster in damp turf. Also, the wet grass can clog the mower. No matter what your need is don’t mow the lawn during the hottest part of the day. This is because too heat is not healthy for the lawn or you.

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What more you need to know is mow in the different direction every time to promote upright growth. Else, the grass would grow in the direction you mow. You must also leave the clippings so they return proper nutrients to the law. If you mow the regularly, the clippings would decompose quickly and it won’t damage the lawn.

How Often Should You Do Landscaping In

There is absolutely no fixed time for lawn mowing. But most of the lawns do require mowing at least once or twice a week during early summer or late spring. In order to keep the lawn healthy, don’t remove one-third of the height of the grass while mowing. It is because removing more might affect the healthy growth of root. It means that lawns would require more water during dry, summer months. Don’t cut the lawn too close since it would expose them to the pests as well as weeds. Usually, the right length would be 2 ½ inches to up to 3 inches during the hot months. It would promote healthy and deep roots.

Getting Started

When you are on a mission of establishing a robust landscape, ensure you choose the right mower. If your lawn is less than 500 square feet, you must choose a reel lawnmower. Choose a mower that doesn’t produce any noise. However, if you have a larger lawn, you can choose power mower. It is faster and the grass catcher saves your time. Battery operated lawn mowers are a good option for all lawns.

Next, before starting landscaping or mowing, ensure you clean the yard properly. In fact, for safety purpose, clear the objects and spot the obstacles before starting. Use rakes to pick the branches, dog bones, can, toys, bottles, etc.

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