September 17, 2022


Is Lawnturf Environmentally Friendly?

Lawn turf is durable and can withstand erosion of soil. This means it acts as a protective cover for the valuable resources beneath.

It is estimated that lawnturf traps approx. 12 million tons of dust and dirt that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

It is excellent for carbon retention and storage. Nearly a tonne of carbon per acre is stored in soil covered with lawnturf.

It produces oxygen. 55 square feet of lawnturf can provide enough oxygen for one person for a day.

Lawn turf has a cooling effect during hot days.

Lawnturf absorbs the heat during the day and then slowly releases it at night.

Promotes wildlife. Areas with turfgrass are very attractive for birds, etc. and therefore act as a habitat for them.

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