September 18, 2022

How to Prepare Your Soil for Lawn Turf?

One of the main ingredients for a quality lawn is good soil. A good quality soil will have the right balance of sand and muddy organic nutrients. Sand allows air into the soil and helps to prevent compaction. The muddy organic element in the soil helps to retain water and nutrients.

The very best quality soils for a beautiful lawn will have a ph level of between 6 – 7. The good news is if you do not have the best quality soil you can improve most soils by adding the missing ingredients. The Lawn Turf Farm can supply various top soil mixes that have the perfect blend for your lawn. Proper soil improvement before you plant your lawn turf will provide the essential ingredients for a quality healthy lawn.

You can also add fertilisers to improve your soil. A starter fertiliser can also be used before installing the sod. It should be high in phosphate. This is normally written on the bag and is the middle number, e.g. 5-10-20; in this case 10 is the amount of phosphate. It can be applied at a rate of 1kg per 40sq m (take note of the instructions on the particular bag). It can be raked onto the soil or shaken out over lawn turf after installation. Some fertilisers are not suitable for new lawns as they can burn the roots; particularly if too much is applied and it is not raked into the soil properly.

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