September 18, 2022

How to mow your new lawn?

Your new lawn will start to root after 10 – 14 days. You can check by careful lifting a corner of your lawn you should see white roots shooting into the ground. Don’t let your need lawn grow too high before cutting. Set your lawn mower so that it doesn’t cut more than one third of the height of the grass at anyone time. Cutting more than ⅓ may leave brown patches of grass and slow down the establishment of the root system. Do not cut your lawn too short. An approximate height to aim for would be 5 to 6 centimetres, (2″) and 8 to 9 centimetres, (3-4″) in very warm weather. Properly mowing your lawn will help it stay healthy and to resist weeds, disease and insects.

In cases where the lawn has settled leaving some bumps or where it was not levelled properly at the outset this might mean you cut the grass too short in places (making it turn brown). If this occurs, increase the height of the lawn mower for the cutting of the rest of the lawn. You should lightly roll the lawn or fill any hollows with sand/soil.

Cutting frequency:

You will need to cut your lawn approximately once per week (between April to September/October). Frequently cutting your lawn enables the production of shoots from the base of the lawn turf and will make for a fuller quality lawn.

Don’t let the grass grow too long before cutting. Cutting when long can cause damage as it shocks the grass and can leave your lawn patchy in places as well as turning the grass brown.

Keep your lawnmower blades sharp:

It is important to use a lawnmower with sharp blades as blunt blades can ‘tear’ the grass leading to discoloration which leaves the grass more prone to disease and insects.

Change mowing patterns:

When mowing your grass you should change the mowing pattern – this will reduce wear and tear and compaction as well as reduce the incidence of thatch at the base of the grass.

Grass clippings:

You should recycle your lawn clippings back into the grass, once they’re spread evenly across the surface as this acts as a good natural fertiliser. Remove clippings if in clumps or where there is a large degree of thatch. Care should be taken and the appropriate safety wear used when using any machinery and this goes for lawn cutting equipment. Ensure there are no particles (rocks/debris in the way of the mower).

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